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ATL FITNESS 24/7 has a tons of kickboxing classes, of all time lengths, all designed to get you in fit to fight!

ATL FITNESS 24/7 kickboxing training focuses on giving you a fun and effective group fitness experience. Our expert coaches know how to burn calories and keep you moving for the best workout in the city!

Our kickboxing group exercise classes run 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes, and we also have online kickboxing training available as well as one on one programs for the ultimate kickboxing training!

Our kickboxing classes all take place in our 24-hour gyms, that will allow you to take classes, lift weights, workout on your own on our dozens of boxing/kickboxing training stations and hit the cardio or machine areas!

Come try a kickboxing class today at ATL FITNESS 24/7!

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